Top 3 Best Amazon FBA courses 2020 — Unbiased Review

Best Amazon FBA Courses
Best Amazon FBA Courses

Are you in a need of one of the best Amazon FBA courses? I know it can be a daunting task to spend thousands of dollars on something you're unaware of. No worries, we have picked the three best FBA courses available with all the relevant information.

Now you can save a lot of money and choose a suitable course to make a wise decision for yourself. The three best Amazon FBA courses today are:

  1. Amazing Selling Machine

This course is by far the best offering in the market. It provides you with all the essential skills and tools needed to succeed in the FBA business. However, it is quite pricey but no doubt it is a great value for money.

2. Kevin David’s Amazon FBA Ninja Course

This is a unique course. It has all the necessary tools to start an FBA business. Tips and tricks for becoming successful are also an essential part of the course's curriculum.

3. Proven Amazon Course

It has a good community involved with its functioning. It is the cheapest yet the best quality course offered at this price. The proven Amazon course is undoubtedly a win-win for people on a budget.

4. The Selling Family Amazon Bootcamp (SFAB)

5. Market place superheroes

If you are a beginner and are really inspired to start a business on Amazon, you need to know how it works. Every other day hundreds of people sign up for Amazon to make thousands of dollars and think it's as simple as it looks.

The truth is far beyond this myth. You see many millionaires that earned their fortune from Amazon. You don't see their hard work and tools they used to succeed in the FBA business.

If you dive right into the market with absolutely no knowledge, there is a high possibility of facing losses and failure. This is because working on Amazon is very tricky and involves processes and tools that all of us are unaware of.

It is highly advisable to take an FBA training course before starting operations in the Amazon market. This will give you expertise and provide you with essential knowledge, making you successful that too very easily.

There are numerous courses available online which claim to provide the best knowledge. The truth is that all of them are not trustworthy. Some of them are crap and obsolete, and the others are nothing but a scam.

To make your experience hassle-free, we have searched for the best courses for you. All three of them vary in prices and have different values to offer. You are allowed to choose from any of the best one as per your preference.


When I first started with Amazon FBA business, I didn't manage to get an overwhelming response. The reasons were quite obvious. I was a newbie, and I had only prior knowledge about Amazon.

Soon I realized that I need something to bridge the gap between me and long-awaited success. After searching for hours and hours, finally, I got my answer. I needed nothing but the right FBA training course to enhance my skill set and learn more about Amazon.

Amazing selling machine, market place superheroes, and proven Amazon course are the three best courses for today's Amazon market. I can suggest these three courses blindly to anyone. This is not just because I have heard good things about them, but I have also tried them up myself.

You don't have to take all three of them, but the best suitable one would do the job. If you think that Amazon is all about buying cheap inventory and then selling it at high rates, you are wrong. It is much more than this. It involves multiple small details and lots of dedication to succeed.


Amazing selling machine review
Amazing selling machine review
Amazing Selling Machine Review

The amazing selling machine is undoubtedly the best course for FBA training. It is the most favorite course of hundreds of people involved in Amazon. Nevertheless, it provides you with accurate and up to date knowledge about FBA business.

The course divides the complexities of Amazon into simple multiple steps. Then all these steps are made transparent so that no one gets stuck on even a small detail. The best thing is that it brings all the experts and beginners under one roof.

If you choose this course, you will join the ASM community, which will enable you to share an umbrella with professionals running their business and earning billions of dollars.

success stories of asm
success stories of asm
Real Testimonial

This is an excellent package that has great things to offer you besides the introductory course. I am glad that I decided to purchase this course. It made a visible difference in my performance and attitude towards business.

I firmly believe that ASM helped me achieve my goals in a short time. I have never seen anyone regretting ASM's purchase. This is because it is a great deal one can get his hands on.

What else do you get in Amazing Selling Machine?

Image for post
Image for post
  • Eight-week training program.
  • Calls from coaches.
  • ASM private community.
  • Resource vault.
  • Amazing Memberships.
  • Tips and tricks to succeed.
  • Videos of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Useful tools and equipment.

It is commendable how the Amazing selling machine offers a whole complete package in a course price. If you are hardworking and dedicated to your work, this course is all you need to become successful.

In this Amazon FBA training, ASM will make all the essentials available that are required for FBA business. Once you get access to all the cool features and necessary tools, they will train you to utilize them properly.

Just follow the instructions and tricks in the course, and you are good to go. Remember, you should never neglect the smallest details because they make a massive difference in the end.

Amazing Selling Machine Pricing

ASM community
ASM community

Amazing Selling Machine is more towards the expensive side. People might fear that it is not wise to risk a massive amount of money on something like this. To reduce this risk, ASM gives you an amazing offer of a 30-day money-back guarantee. That is why it is considered one of the best amazon FBA courses ever.

The actual price of the Amazing selling machine is around $4,997 if you decide to pay the full amount in a go. However, you can always avail of their second option. They let their customers pay in installments. The total amount is broken into 6 parts of $997 each.

For More Pricing Details please Click Here.

Some pros and Cons of Amazing Selling Machine are

ASM Dashboard
ASM Dashboard


  • The process of learning is broken down into simple steps.
  • It helps you hit a 6 or even a 7 figure business.
  • It gives you access to their amazing forum.
  • You can always get quick replies with their auto-respond system.
  • A continuous offering of generous discounts.
  • Their exceptional guarantees minimize risk.


  • It is not affordable for many people.
  • Some modules are unnecessarily broken down into several more parts.

If you want to read a more detailed review then visit NinjaHustler. They have the most legit reviews as per my observation.

Reviews about amazing selling machine
Reviews about amazing selling machine
Kevin David’s Zon Ninja Masterclass FBA Course
Kevin David’s Zon Ninja Masterclass FBA Course
Amazon FBA Course

Kevin David is a popular name in the virtual world. He is involved in various online businesses. His FBA Ninja course is amongst his famous works. Although this course is quite controversial, many people still prefer it.

He covers all the basic things one needs to know before starting a business on Amazon. He provides knowledge regarding business essentials and growth strategies.

Even beginners find his course admirable because everything is well explained and easy to grasp. The whole curriculum is divided into several easy steps. Proper knowledge of PPC is provided, and tips are given to dive traffic. He also helps in increasing the product ranking.


This particular course is quite expensive as compared to other courses. Amazon FBA Ninja course costs a person around $1997, or you can pay 5 installments of $599 which is not as affordable as other courses but justifies the value.

The pros and cons of Amazon FBA Ninja Course are


  • The course is well explained through various videos.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Makes you a part of a private group on Facebook and other social media.
  • The content is updated from time to time.
  • You can learn how to start to grow and retain an Amazon FBA business.


  • Some advanced topics are not covered in this course.
  • Some obsolete information is still a part of this course.

3- Proven Amazon Course

Proven Amazon Course
Proven Amazon Course

The proven Amazon course is also right to learn more about Amazon FBA business. It helps a person start-up and earns from the Amazon business. All the information provided is up to date and useful.

The best thing is that it is even cheaper than the MPSH. Anyone, even with a limited budget, can easily purchase it. The Proven Amazon course incorporates all the working strategies and tricks to succeed in the professional world.

You can seek help regarding labeling and creating your brand from this course. Moreover, this will help you to overcome any loopholes in your business. This is a really good option to select an FBA course.

Pricing of Proven Amazon Course

Proven Amazon Course offers you a different discounted price if you wish to pay the full amount. The full payment is supposed to be around $499. On the other hand, if you plan to pay in installments, you have to pay installments of $29 per month. All these installments will make a total of $ 549.

According to the pricing and value of this course, this course got 3rd place on our list and is one of the best Amazon FBA Courses.

The list below shows some pros and cons of the Proven Amazon Course


  • Sufficient training material is provided.
  • All the strategies taught are backed by some evidence.
  • BBB-accredited company created it.
  • PAC community is very active on Facebook and other social media apps.
  • Several different training formats are used.
  • It is incredibly affordable.


  • The organization of modules is poorly arranged.
  • The information provided is a bit old dated.

Honorable Mentions

The courses discussed above are the three best FBA courses. However, you might like the other two considerable courses. The selling family Amazon Bootcamp and Kevin David's Amazon FBA Ninja course two are also very reasonable courses that many people have used and recommended.

4. The Selling Family Amazon Bootcamp (SFAB)

The Selling Family Amazon Bootcamp
The Selling Family Amazon Bootcamp

This course is primarily designed to help enhance the knowledge about selling on Amazon. The two creators of this course are Jessica Larrew and her husband.

This course is best if you are seeking help with product sourcing from international markets. Their course also covers essentials about buying products from retail. They cover all the essential things regarding selling smartly and making profits.

SFAB includes numerous videos and PowerPoint presentations to describe the content. This is a comprehensive course that covers all the essentials related to Amazon FBA business.

Another great thing is that the creators of this course let you contact them personally. With this fantastic option, you can always have first-hand knowledge and never left behind. That's why this one is also one of the Best Amazon FBA courses.

This course is recently updated to v4.0. Furthermore, you'll learn about important strategies that result in success.


You can get your hands on this course for as low as $347 as full payment. They will also give you an amazing offer of paying in installments. If you intend to pay installments, make sure you pay three installments of $99 each.


  • This course provides you with first-hand knowledge.
  • Contact with peers is made easy.
  • The course covers everything you need.
  • Engaging PowerPoint presentations and videos are offered.
  • This is a comprehensive course.
  • It is available at a reasonable price.
  • Updated to v4.0


  • Ineffective Question management, which leaves your queries unsolved.

5. Marketplace Super Heroes

marketplace superheroes
marketplace superheroes

If you think the Amazing Selling Machine is not in your budget, then don’t stress. Marketplace superheroes are the best alternative of ASM and do not even cost half the price of ASM.

MPSH is a great course for beginners. It will make you capable of getting things right on track. This will even give tricks on how to create your market from scratch.

This course is not as lengthy as ASM. It does not have all the ASM features, but it is good enough to make a perfect start. People have reached up to six-figure businesses with the help of this course.

MPSH stresses over the correct product selection. Selecting the correct product is the most critical part of starting any FBA business. In this course, modules will walk you through all the necessary steps of selecting the best product for your market.

MPSH team
MPSH team

This course will provide you with the best strategies to make your business successful and achieve your goals. Again you have to be hardworking to become a successful entrepreneur. So this is again one of the best Amazon FBA courses.

What do you get with MPSH?

MPSH Steps
MPSH Steps

You will get a great deal if you buy MPSH that too at a very reasonable price. MPSH has four significant elements listed on its dashboard. Further, one can select each one of them and learn in-depth about them.

The four primary elements are

  • Search.
  • Shortlist.
  • Select.
  • Source.

Apart from these four elements, MPSH has something more exciting to offer. This is their recently added feature of Superhero freight. This has made the freight process very simple and approachable.

This lets you source easily, which cuts the high cost of freight drastically. Many MPSH users admire this feature. Superhero freight just makes life so much easier and simplifies such a stressful task with the blink of an eye.

MPSH Pricing

This course also let the buyer pay in either the full payment on the go or in monthly installments. It is not as expensive as ASM. It will cost you around $997 if you are willing to pay the full amount. If not, you can also make payment in 12 monthly installments of $97 each.

Some pros and cons of Marketplace superheroes are:


  • Product selection is made very easy.
  • It caters to all the needs of beginners.
  • Impressive superhero freight feature.
  • It helps you learn more about international markets.
  • It is very reasonable in price.
  • Helps in the rapid growth of your business.


  • This extensive length of the module makes the course less attractive.
  • Does not provide as many features as ASM.

Why Buy an Amazon FBA Course?

There is a misconception that all the essential information regarding Amazon FBA can be gathered from the internet. I tried it once, and the only thing I got was misleading answers to my queries.

If you are a serious, hardworking individual who wants to earn from Amazon, you should consider buying a course. There are many courses, and you are free to choose any suitable one for you.

While choosing a course, make sure you pay for something genuine, which is not a scam. A good FBA business training will give you tips about starting a store, growing your business, and further expanding it.

Exhausting tasks like Product sourcing, Product selection, and freight are made easier with these courses. I advise you to invest some money, and it will surely pay back once you get on the right track.

Amazon FBA can be a scary place

There are hundreds and thousands of sellers on Amazon. This creates a huge competition. To survive in this competition, you need to have an appropriate skill set and accurate knowledge about the FBA world.

Many people are involved in scamming and ill practices on Amazon. It is filled with fake suppliers and low-quality products. All these dark sides together make Amazon FBA a terrifying place.

To excel in the market and seek protection from these scams and practices, to need to access the right training course. The course will surely help you succeed and earn a handsome amount of money.

What is Amazon FBA Training?

Amazon FBA business is an e-commerce business. You have to create your store at amazon, which works as a marketplace. Then you have to select appropriate profitable products according to the potential market.

What Amazon will do is they will keep your products or inventory in their warehouse and then ship it to customers across the world. Amazon earns money from charging a fee for services they provide to sellers.

The perks for sellers on Amazon are as follows

  • Shipping and logistics are made easier.
  • Shipping rates are kept exceptionally low.
  • Amazon manages sales returns.
  • Amazon is a very reliable service provider.
  • It delivers items in no time.
  • You don’t have to rent a warehouse to keep inventory.
  • Multi-channel fulfillment is provided.
  • The FBA system boosts annual sales drastically.

How do I start Amazon FBA?

Starting a business on Amazon may look very easy but trust me, it’s way more than it looks like. You need to have proper knowledge of suppliers, potential buyers, the product itself, and various essentials.

If you plan to start the business right away, you might face difficulties and frustration might want you to quit. If you are serious about getting into the business, it is advisable to take an FBA training course.

You may select from the courses we have discussed before. All of them are trusted and tried by many people. The course will give you a competitive edge over your competitors on Amazon. So the most effective way to start a business on Amazon is by taking a training course.


E-commerce businesses are growing rapidly in today’s world. Every day hundreds of people get into this type of business. All they want is to earn money. Remember, your hard work is what matters the most.

No matter how much money you put in, you’ll only get successful if you are willing to invest your time and hard work into it. Taking a suitable FBA training course is important before starting any business on Amazon.

You should never neglect the importance of these training courses. Just make up your mind compare all the pros and cons, take an appropriate course, and start earning today. Good luck.

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